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The official online amazon release of the Mental Strength: Your Guide to Success in Sports was on June 14, 2016  

     In the era we live in today Squash Players can research information with the click of a button.  Pages and pages of information on sport nutrition, history of the game, breaking down the technical skills, how the game has changed over the decades and much more get loaded onto the internet everyday but not everything available suits the needs of all players.  Some players prefer going to the local book store chain where they can hold a book in hand to have a glance while sipping on some tea or coffee, but still not find what they are looking for until now.  The Mental Strength Your Guide to Success in

Sports provides both teenagers and adults a fresh prospective on learning by actively engaging a players mind.  Discussing topics like Positive Reinforcement, Mental Clarity, Seeking a Coach, Court Progressions and more using unique ways to aid in the learning process.  The book Mental Strength is a must read for all squash players and athletes in general moving on from playing multiple sports to begin specializing in many one.


Patrick hartunian

Canadian squash coach for 25 years. Today he helps teach athletes how to succeed with Mental Strength both in sport and in everyday life. 



whether you call iT squash or wall tennis, we love this game. we think you and your child will, too.


Patrick Hartunian, is a complete mental strength coach for boys and girls 8 years and older. Whether you want to introduce your little one to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete get a college scholarship,  he is here to help you succeed.


Our complete facility includes indoor squash courts and outdoor fields for cardio fitness training, and the mental strength coach himself available to all.  The book "Mental Strength: Your Guide to Success in Sports" is only one of the many tools that provide you with his exceptional track record.