MENTAL STRENGTH: Your Guide to Success in Sports  

The Mental Strength Coach 


Author's Background

This is the first book that Coach Patrick Hartunian has written and is a powerful piece because of the importance in the world of sports today.  

Patrick has been developing players for over 20 years now and has learned and continues to learn more and more each passing day.  Athletes all around the world train very hard the technical skills and strategies to implement those skills into match play.  Coaches spend hours on developing these skills and support athletes in competition. But, things do not always go as planned because many players begin to perform with self-doubt or develop a negative approach which decreases optimal performance levels and many coaches do not have the confidence or educational knowledge to provide help in the mental aspect of the game.  For this and other reasons, Patrick decided many years ago to create a Mental Strength Book that not only will help guide people toward the power of the mind but also to be constructed using a language that everyone can understand and relate to.

The book is now published and it's Official Amazon Release was June 14th, 2016.


Who can benefit from this Mental Strength Book?

This book is designed to challenge the mental process in order to engage the mind.  

The book is recommended for all athletes, students, parents, and coaches.  It brings a fresh perspective on the importance of mental training that can begin from the first moments of your life.  

For example, you are a youngster experiencing the emotional roller coaster of winning and losing.  All good and smiles when the points are in your favor and you win.  All tears when things slip away and you lose.

Reading is knowledge, using knowledge to better ourselves is learning, and applying what we learn is the mental strength needed that will allow all of us to succeed starting the very moment we decide to make a positive change in our lives. 

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How to Purchase?

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